10 Tips To Help The Number On The Scale To Get Unstuck

Auto Date Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

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I know how difficult it is to try to get “smaller” as you
get older.

I tell people all the time that I’m in the fight of my life.

It’s the fight against obesity.

Here are some tips for that I’d like to share if you feel like
you might be a little bit stuck in this area.

*** Tip #1: Make sure you eat breakfast
Yes, I know its cliche but you need to eat breakfast.
Personally, I try to jam down about 20 to 30 grams of
protein for breakfast. You don’t have to do what I do
but eat. And when I mean eat, I mean eat FOOD, not
donuts or garbage.

*** Tip #2: Use Food As Fuel and Medicine
The best medicine that you can take every day is
food. And the worst poison that you can take
every day is food.

Food IS A DRUG. It is taken like every other
drug or medication. In quantities too low, it
can be problematic. In quantities too high, it
can be detrimental.

Make sure you understand YOUR PROPER
dosage. Just as a certain medication is prescribed
for you, take the time to get a food diary that you
can follow. Get one that is tailor made for YOU.

And please don’t say stupid sh*t like, “I know my
body.”That has to be the most ridiculous statement and
phrase ever said in the general population.
If YOU knew your body, there’d be no reason to
go to the doctor. (***sheeeesh***)

*** Tip #3: Get some fit friends

Yep, you hate ‘em but you love ‘em.

Fit people hang around fit people and fat people hang
around fat people.

If you don’t like the word FAT, I understand. I will
apologize every time I use it, but I do call those
who are fat, FAT. And I call people who are skinny,
skinny and I call people who are tall, tall and people
who are white, white. And people who are black or
brown, black or brown. So save the hyper-sensitive
sh*t for somebody else. I’m just trying to help you out

So…. get yourself some fit friends. They will irk your
nerves. They will make people feel uncomfortable
by ordering in diametrical opposition of what everybody
else is ordering at dinner. They will not eat the birthday
cake at parties. You will feel like they are looking at you,
judging you, counting the calories on your plate and all
of that stuff. And, they probably are.

And they will try to change you…… And that is a good
thing because, what will it hurt to be a little more fit,
in a little better shape and to eat a little cleaner?

*** Tip #4: Before You Eat It, Make Sure You Read It

Make sure that you pick the right foods.
Make sure that you are eating the right foods at the right

Also make sure that you stay around from HFCS.
If you don’t know that is….. GOOGLE IT. But by all
means, make sure you read what you are eating.
If you don’t understand what you are consuming, ask!

Ask, or whip out your phone and look it up.

*** Tip #5: Water…..DRINK Water

Okay, I’m done with this one. If you can’t understand
why this is important, then we have bigger fish to fry.

*** Tip #6: Exercise


If most women gave as much attention to exercise as
they did their hair and their nails, less health problems
would exist.

And if most men, exercised with the same intensity that
they watch sporting events or lust after the women they
see on television, they wouldn’t have a problem.

Focus…. exercise…. stay fit.

*** Tip #7: More Sex

Please, have more sex. Sex is good, it’s beneficial.

Now my religious preferences dictate that you should
be married before doing the horizontal mambo so I am
definitely speaking to the married folks when I write this.

However, I’m sure others will take the advice too due to
the health benefits.

More sex. I don’t care if you feel like it or not. A good
sex diet will benefit your overall health.

*** Tip #8: Get More Sleep

Try to get more sleep and try to make sure that when you
do go to sleep that your room is a dark as possible.

Keeping a consistent bedtime is also very good for your
health and overall wellness.

*** Tip #9: Do Something That You Love

Take a piece of paper, fold it in half. On the top of
the left side write “MORE” and on the top of the
right side write “LESS”.

List all the things in your life that you would like
more of or to do more and also all the things in the
“Less” column that you would like to do less.

IMMEDIATELY pick 2 to 3 things off of the more
list and begin to make those things happen.

Also choose 2 to 3 things off the less list and remove
them from your life as much as you possibly can.

If some of the things on the list are connected with
another participant or person, do NOT deal with it.

can make some changes immediately.

Your personal overall wellness will increase significantly
and it will also cause less “stress eating.”


*** Tip #10: Purge Your Pantry and Refrigerator

I don’t care how much it costs, I don’t care how much you
like it.

If the food in your home is NOT good for you…. GET RID OF IT.

Make a change — today. If you can’t do this…. well, you may
not be ready to help yourself. If you get STUCK on this, then you
may need some help to get unstuck.

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Take care,
Rhadi Ferguson, PhD

Don’t Tax Yourself, Get Unstuck By Forgiving YOURSELF

Auto Date Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Join me on Wed. April 16th

Hi there-

I’ve screwed up in my life BIG TIME. I’ve made mistakes,
hurt people that I had no intention of hurting, aligned myself with
the wrong people, not aligned myself with the right ones. I’ve
made some really bad decisions and some poor investments.

I’ve also tried my damnest to do things the right way and have
still had them turn out terribly wrong.

And when I am wrong, I apologize (well now I do – hey, I’m
getting better everyday THANK GOD!)

And I also used to beat myself up pretty bad too.

You know how we do sometimes. We turn our own foot around to kick
ourselves in the arse!

I used to do that and also I would be so burdened with guilt.

So much so that I was carrying around so much emotional
“weight” that I couldn’t move forward.

And this is or has happened to you too.

Stop carrying that guilt on your back. It’s too heavy and
it’s weighing down you and your progress!

It’s actually blocking you from being the BEST you possible.

It is causing you to be STUCK!


I had to learn that, in life, perfection was a goal not a mandate!
There are moments in life that are perfect.

There are moments in life when we are perfect.

But perfection is something that you strive for not something that
you beat yourself up for.

If you are carrying around some guilt, take the time right now to
get in the mirror and say to yourself 3 times OUT LOUD, “I
love you and I forgive you!”

And let go of that burden of guilt that has you “stuck!”

Have a great day.

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Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
2004 Olympian

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We really NEED your help

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Hi there –

For those of you who do not know, a few weeks ago I resigned as the
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